How to behave with superiors in office?


The way of your working in the office is also part of your behavior. If everyone works in coordinate manner, office environment is conducive to do better work. Bad behavior by one member can spoil the office environment. That’s why group discussion, communication skills and working in a team are playing vital roles in getting good jobs. Your good behavior with superiors in an office will enhance your personality and you can command respect from juniors. officers may have different personalities but we should apply smart tactics in dealing with superiors with difficult personality.


How to behave with superiors?


2. Never discuss with your superior officer about your money or property matters and also about your debts. It is well and good not to be known by them.


3. Keep away from the rumors that are spreading in your office by some body and also never tell about them to your officer.


4. Try to solve the problems or the doubts regarding the work in office matters, which you might have with your colleagues by discussing with them. If not possible, bring them to the notice of the officer and the officer in turn will settle the matters in group meetings.


5. Do your duty sincerely and dedicatedly, so that you need not say sorry to your officer often.


6. Keep yourself away from the quarrels or misunderstandings that may arise among the staff members.


7. Never give promise to any body to perform those tasks which are beyond your capacity to do. Otherwise you are unnecessarily inviting troubles and it tarnishes the good name gained by you in your office.


8. If you have any physical or psychological problems, inform to your superior officer and discuss about it with him without hesitation. Otherwise, it hampers your work indirectly and the officer may develop wrong impression about your working capacity. That is why it is better to make it known to them by you honestly, as sincerity always pays.


9. As your officer is an experienced person, observe him carefully and also his way of discharging the duties, it not only benefits you but also helps you in handling the office matters.


Obedience is the secret of success” and it does wonders in your life.


By knowing how to talk and also how to behave, depending upon the place and time, we can safely avoid and be away from so many problems, in our daily life.

Please share your experiences with superiors in office.


1. It is not good to discuss your personal matters with your higher official and also at the same time not good to seek the advice or opinion of your officer, the solutions for your personal problems. Because their advice or suggestions may not be likened by you and also some times you have to obey and act as per their advice, under duress which may be not conducive to the situation and may bring further trouble to you.

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