7 Secrets for successful life and career

  Everybody wishes and hopes for successful life and good career as long as he lives in this universe. Success is not an event, but a continuous process. One must aim and dream for higher positions in his career and life.   7 Success secrets:   1. Self-confidence:   It is the main stay of [...]

Time Magazine: Top 10 resolute wives

  Time Magazine picked top 10 wives who showed strong character during troubled times. Jhansi queen Lakshmibhai found place among great wives in history who showed courage in troubled times. These women are famous for their courage, composure and character in tough times. Indians will never forget Jhansi Rani and Bhagat Singh.   Lakshmi Bai [...]

International Laughing Day special

    Except human beings, no other living thing created by the great God in this universe can laugh. Hence, we are the luckiest people on this globe, having this unique quality. So live this great life happily and with full of laughing moments. See yourself how much you feel happy after your heart- felt [...]

How to Boost Your Confidence?

    Self-Confidence is nothing but to believe in yourself. Think what you are and what you can do in your life. Some people are born with full of self-confidence but not everyone; some of us need to work on it. There are some important key factors which make you feel confident and now I’m [...]

Formula for success

    Every body wants a happy and successful career in life and nobody favors failure. Nobody denies it. The best formula for success-key is “Trying with dedication”. Henry Murre, the famous person recognized it 60 years back and named it “Achievement-Motivation” which is the necessary inspiration for achieving success.     In this formula [...]

Whither the sporting spirit?

    The Randiv-Sehwag incident has become quite a controversy. Sri Lankan bowler Suraj Randiv bowled a no-ball to Virender Sehwag when one run was needed to win. This resulted in a six but robbed Viru who was batting at 99, of his century. Prima facie, Randiv’s act does seem intentional, but let us not [...]